Price's Wood Floors

About Us

North Shore Floor Sanding was founded in 1963 by two Danvers firemen, Dave Price and Gene Connors. Shortly thereafter they changed the name to Price and Connors Floor Sanding. The business was meant to provide a second source of income for the firemen on their off days, but due to the quality of work provided and the satisfaction of their customers, word of mouth quickly spread. Gene Connors was the first to retire and when the business became too successful and more of a full time job, Dave Price retired as well.

Dennis Price, Dave's brother, took over Price and Connors in 1978 and shortened the name to Price's Floor Sanding. Danvers firemen still provided the bulk of the labor until Dennis' two sons; Dave and Denny, joined their father in the mid 1980s. They have been working with him ever since.

During the 1990s construction boom, demand for hardwood floor installation grew. The Prices have now installed hardwood floors in hundreds of new homes, additions and renovations. Nowadays Price's Wood Floors can take care of any and all of your wood flooring needs.

Den senior has been working with wood floors since 1963. His son David started in 1985 and Denny followed in 1987. You would be hard pressed to find a more experienced wood floor crew in the Greater Boston area. We at Price's Wood Floors are experts at restoring the beauty of your old wood floors or installing new floors. We can stain floors specific colors to match different decors. We also provide superior installation of wood floors in rooms previously carpeted and floating floors in places where traditional wood floors are not plausible, such as concrete slabs and basements.