Price's Wood Floors


How many coats will you do?

The standard number of coats, which is included in the price, is three.

Will you move my furniture?

In order to provide better service, we ask that you move as many items as possible out of the work area prior to our arrival. However, if you have a few heavy items that you cannot move yourself, we will move those for you.

Will you take up my rugs?

Yes, we will take up any rugs in the work area, including wall to wall carpeting.

How do you get the power for your machine?

Where available we will use the power from your electric stove or electric dryer.

How soon can I walk on my floors?

Generally you can walk on your floors within 5 to 8 hours after we complete the job.

How do you recommend I clean and care for my wood floors?

We recommend using only cold water to clean your floors. We also recommend placing felt protectors on the bottoms of any furniture.

What are the most common types of wood used?

The two most popular types of wood are red and white oak. However, a wide variety of woods are available, including exotic woods.